Hand Crank Generator set "300"

  • 20,700.00 AMD

Hand Crank Generator set "300"

   The electronic designer of the initial level, allowing the child to get acquainted with the wonderful world of electronics. Compared with the set of “200 schemes”, new elements have been added here that allow you to build 30 schemes. Even without the help of adults, using only a very understandable color guide, in just a few minutes, he or she will be able to collect one of the schemes you liked, which parents spent weeks a few years ago.

Absolute security and ease of assembly – do not solder!

   Designers are designed for almost any age. The simplicity of the connections and the clarity of the description make it possible to collect complex circuits even for a child of five years, and the variety of attached elements will allow even a sophisticated person in electronics to assemble something new and then implement it in real life.

Not only children but also their parents get pleasure!

   In addition, in the “User’s Guide” you will find a list of elements of the designer. For the convenience of assembling the details in the box, we provide a layout of the items.

   The complete set of this kit includes the “User’s Guide” and the details necessary for the implementation of the projects proposed in the manual. The manual describing the circuits is located in the box under the transparent mounting plate. The box, together with the details and the book, is sealed in a polyethylene film.

   3 batteries (sold separately) for the operation of the circuits are required for an AA size of 1.5 V, or  rechargeable batteries of similar size, voltage 1.2 V.

   Attention! This designer may not work with Duracell, Energizer batteries due to the reduced length of positive battery contact (1-1.5 mm) .

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