LED Fun Electronic set "108"

  • 9,200.00 AMD

LED Fun Electronics set “108”

   You will be asked to collect your first flashlight fan, the first colorful Led flashlight, to conduct the first experiments with a switcher – only 8 different projects, which clearly demonstrate the principles of work the simplest electronic devices.

   In order for the child to learn not only to collect electrical circuits, but to think about the collected project, we put comments with explanations and assignments for the rapid assimilation of important knowledge in physics.

Absolute security and ease of assembly – do not solder!

   In addition, in the “User’s Guide” you will find a list of elements of the designer, as well as their description. In total, the kit includes 13 parts, which allows, with certain experience, to collect more projects than described in the user manual. For the convenience of collecting items in the box on the last cover, a location diagram of the elements is given.

A great way to play and learn physics!

   The complete set of this kit includes the “User’s Guide” and the details necessary for the implementation of the projects proposed in the manual. The manual describing the circuits is located in the box under the transparent mounting plate. The box together with the details and the book, is sealed in a polyethylene film.

   3 batteries (sold separately) for the operation of the circuits are required for an AA size of 1.5 V, or batteries of similar size, voltage 1.2 V.

   Attention! This designer may not work with Duracell, Energizer batteries due to the reduced length of positive battery contact (1-1.5 mm).

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