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     The electronic designer of the average level, allowing the child to begin intensive training in electronics. Compared to the “180 schemes” and “320 schemes” sets, not only new elements have been added here, which allow to collect more than 1000 schemes, but also two interesting books. "Book 1" contains 21 practical exercises that are consistent with the existing school curriculum and physics textbooks for grades 8-11. The main task is to show the connection between the school curriculum and real life.

Previously, the set was called "999 schemes + school"

    That is why the constructor contains elements that are present in almost all the equipment around us - computers, phones, cars, photos and video cameras, televisions, music equipment, etc.

     In the "Book 2" are 999 schemes that are available to the child from 5 years.

     For convenience, the last page of the cover shows the layout of the elements in the box.

Absolute safety and ease of assembly - no need to solder!

     The variety of the attached elements will allow even a wise person in electronics to collect something new and then implement it in real life.

     This designer was highly appreciated by experts in the field of electronics, and also was tested in many Russian schools and institutions working with children.

Recommended by UMO MPGU of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for educational institutions.

     A great way to play and learn physics!

     In addition, in the attached books you will find a list of the elements of the designer.

     To operate the circuits, 4 batteries (purchased separately) of AA size, 1.5 V voltage, or batteries of the same size, 1.2 V voltage are required, but at the same time, during some tasks, you need to make a correction for the difference in voltage between batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Attention! This designer may not work with Duracell, Energizer batteries due to the reduced length of the positive contact of the batteries (1-1.5 mm).

Box Size: 50.5x39x5.5 cm (WxHxC)
Carton weight: 1.85 kg