OPITEC PlusLine Wooden Boat

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Wooden Boat
A planning orientated project which allows the child to develop a design that meets the requirements of a watercraft: The boat should be stable, not overturn and move easily through the water.

By experimenting the children discover different rotational directions and monitor their effects. Later the students will design and produce a rail, to prevent passengers falling overboard. In addition, the sail will affect the performance of the boat.
Required skills: sawing, grinding, filing, drilling, hammering and glueing. This programme supports competence orientated work in the curriculum.
Curriculum requirements: Physical and manual dexterity, use of simple tools and materials, proper and safe handling of tools, reading and interpretation of simple drawings and implementation of task demands, evaluation of results.
Size: 200 x 150 x 260 mm,
1 piece

Verwandte Suchbegriffe:
Holzschiff, Boot, Schiff, Werkpackungen, Bausatz, Holzbausatz
Recommended age 7+ years
Tools needed