OPITEC PlusLine Cube-Maze

  • 4,500.00 AMD

Article information
The cube is a maze on 3 levels, where you have to run a steel ball through the inlet port and 3 maze levels to the outlet by skillfully tilting the cube. The model promotes fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Through advanced tasks the student learns to increase the difficulty to solve the game. Competence orientated work allows the students to find their own solutions for the project, to describe them and apply to the workpiece. This encourages creativity and expands technical skills.
Skills required: marking, sawing, grinding/filing, drilling and gluing. Curriculum requirements: to increase awareness of a complete action plan, and for pupils to produce their work pieces according to their personal design. The manufacturing process leads to acquired knowledge in the areas of materials and processing.
Size: 90 x 90 x 70 mm,
1 piece

Verwandte Suchbegriffe:
Labyrinth, Kipplabyrinth, Kugellabyrinth, Konzentrationsübung, Werkpackung, Bausatz
Recommended age 11+ years
Tools needed