More Control Circuits Electronic set "500"

  • 27,600.00 AMD

More Control Circuits Electronic set "500"

   Electronic medium-level designer, which allows the child to begin intensive training in electronics. Compared to the “200” and “300” sets, not only are new items added that allow to collect more than 50 schemes, but also two very interesting books. 

Absolute security and ease of assembly – do not solder!

   The variety of attached elements will allow even the wise man in electronics to collect something new and then to realize it in real life.

   A great way to play and learn physics!

   In addition, in the attached books you will find a list of elements of the designer.

   To operate the circuits, you need 4 batteries (purchased separately) of an AA size, with a voltage of 1.5 V, or rechargeable batteries of similar size, voltage of 1.2 V, but at the same time, during certain tasks, it is necessary to enter a correction for the voltage difference between batteries and batteries.

   Attention! This designer may not work with Duracell, Energizer batteries due to the reduced length of positive battery contact (1-1.5 mm).