Robobloq: Education to the future

Robobloq micro:bit programming controller

Robobloq is a new high tech player in STEM* education solution development.
Robobloq are dedicated to providing integrated solutions including STEM learning tools, teaching materials, robot competitions and international exchanges for educators worldwide.
*STEM: Science, Technology, Education, Mathematics

Robobloq's Robot Construction Platform


The Robobloq Robot construction platform consists of 500+ anodized aluminum parts including beams, gears, shafts and motors which are all under one standardized uniform design. They are non-toxic, harmless, sturdy and re-useable.


Robobloq has more than 40 different electronic modules such as a Camera module, USIM module, Memory module, Solar Power module, Pressure Sensor module, and Gas sensor module. These modules are compatible with our drag-and-drop coding interface and traditional languages like Python, JavaScript, C++ and Swift.

Software & Application

After building robots, users can control, code and customize them within one fun-filled app that allows children to enhance their logical thinking ability. Our friendly user interface makes it easy for children to get started quickly. Robobloq products are based on Arduino so they can also be customized in a more advanced way.