Thermo See-Saw

  • 4,000.00 AMD

Article information
An interesting project regarding technology and physics. 
The tealight heats the bimetal strip causing it to expand, moving the wooden ball to the other side of the seesaw. The seesaw tilts to one side and the spiral spring cools down since it is no longer exposed to the flame. The wooden ball moves back to the other side and the seesaw is transferred into its starting position. Delivery includes candle. 
Skills required: scribing, drilling, sawing, sanding/filing, bending, glueing and assembling.
Size: 100 x 200 x 90 mm
1 piece

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Article number: 104689

Recommended age 12+ years
Making time 3-4 h.
Tools needed
This product contains swallowable small parts.
There is a danger of suffocation!

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