Small set "Shimmering Manicure"

  • 6,500.00 AMD


 Kit Description

Thanks to our “Flickering Manicure” set, you can make a manicure that will shimmer and shine beautifully both in sunlight and in artificial light. Be ready for enthusiastic views and compliments from others!

 Age limit: 4+

 What is included in the kit?

  • safe water washable lacquer (3 colors)
  • convenient nail file for creating nails
  • nail decoration stickers
  • shimmering sequins for nail decoration
  • tassel
  • instruction

     About the series

    Beautiful and well-groomed hands are a sign of a successful girl. When they first met, people often pay attention not only to their eyes, but also to the hands of a new interlocutor. Well-groomed hands always make a good impression, so it is very important from an early age to learn how to take care of your hands and pay special attention to the care and appearance of your nails. To be able to make a manicure, beautifully varnish nails, come up with nail design - all these skills are necessary to be beautiful, attractive and always in the center of attention.