Set to create perfume "French perfume"

Set to create perfume "French perfume"

  • 11,200.00 AMD

 Kit Description

Today, the French perfume is one of the most popular. With this set, the child will know how the world-famous compositions have appeared, and will be able to create some of them. He will also have the opportunity to try himself as an experimental perfumer and get more than 25 of his own perfumes based on an alcohol substitute - for the first time alcohol is used to create perfumes of a flock in France. In the set there is a bottle with a spray and wax to create a solid perfume. A detailed illustrated instruction will help you to get it right.

 Age limit: 8+

 What is included in the kit?

  • essential oil "Lavender"
  • Patchouli essential oil
  • essential oil "Mint"
  • wax
  • polysorbate (alcohol substitute)
  • test tubes with cork
  • Pasteur pipettes
  • rose oil
  • microspray bottle
  • blotters
  • instruction

 About the series

Using the “Young perfumer” kits, a child will be able to create his own fragrance compositions and use them or give to friends and relatives. This series is ideal for joint experiences of mothers and daughters. So that parents and children could do everything without mistakes, we created a detailed illustrated instruction. She will also tell you how and why people began to use fragrances, which smells give us vigor, and which - good sleep. In addition, the instruction will reveal some secrets of creating modern flavors. As a fragrance, only natural essential oils are included in the kits.