Set for experiments "Periscope"

Set for experiments "Periscope"

  • $10.00

 Kit Description

The name "periscope" comes from the ancient Greek words περι- - "around" and σκοπέω - "I look." Where can they be found? They are used most often in military affairs, when you need to observe the enemy or assess the terrain, while being in a safe place — on a submarine or in a tank. With the help of our set learn how to do a periscope with your own hands!

 Age limit: 8+

 What is included in the kit?

  • cardboard periscope base
  • mirror - 2 pieces
  • office glue
  • instruction

 About the series

The Young Physicist Kits are a fascinating journey into the world of science and technology. The secrets of a kaleidoscope and periscope, the concept of substance density, features of a non-Newtonian fluid, the principles of jet propulsion, the wonders of magnetism, and the vacuum effect — you can make these discoveries by conducting experiments from this series.