Set for experiments "Lava lamp of oil"

Set for experiments "Lava lamp of oil"

  • 6,600.00 AMD

 Kit Description

This experience will show you what substance density is. Different substances have a different density, and therefore a different mass. Therefore, a piece of sugar weighs more than the same piece of flour. And the same ice cube will be easier than a water cube. With the help of our set you will visually get acquainted with the concept of density.

 Age limit: 8+

 What is included in the kit?

  • butter
  • effervescent tablet
  • dye
  • measuring cup
  • stirrer
  • instruction

 About the series

The Young Physicist Kits are a fascinating journey into the world of science and technology. The secrets of a kaleidoscope and periscope, the concept of substance density, features of a non-Newtonian fluid, the principles of jet propulsion, the wonders of magnetism, and the vacuum effect — you can make these discoveries by conducting experiments from this series.