Set for experiments "Kaleidoscope"

Set for experiments "Kaleidoscope"

  • 5,300.00 AMD

 Kit Description

In 1816, while conducting experiments on the polarization of light, Scottish physicist David Brewster discovered a new device called the Kaleidoscope. You must have always been interested to know what is inside the kaleidoscope and how do these amazing patterns come out? To do this, you do not need to open it at all, with the help of our set you will learn everything about its device.

 Age limit: 8+

 What is included in the kit?

  • kaleidoscope tube
  • mirror plate
  • adhesive colored paper for registration
  • beads
  • plastic discs - 2 pcs
  • cardboard disk with an observation hole
  • Scotch
  • instruction

 About the series

The sets "Young Physicist" is a fascinating journey into the world of science and technology. The secrets of a kaleidoscope and periscope, the concept of substance density, features of a non-Newtonian fluid, the principles of jet propulsion, the wonders of magnetism, and the vacuum effect — you can make these discoveries by conducting experiments from this series.