Set for experiments "Chemistry of color"

Set for experiments "Chemistry of color"

  • 6,600.00 AMD

 Kit Description

From the set, the child learns what a qualitative reaction and analysis are, as well as what reactions to trivalent iron ions exist. After an experiment from a set, the child will plunge into the wonderful world of multi-colored reactions and inorganic pigments.

 Age limit: 8+

 What is included in the kit?

  • measuring cup
  • stirring stick
  • spatula-spoon
  • disposable gloves
  • ferric chloride
  • potassium hexacyanoferrate
  • Ammonium Rodanide
  • sodium hydroxide
  • instruction

 About the series

Colorful experiences of Professor Nicolas will captivate any child! But in these sets are collected not only bright entertainment, but also serious experiments for small scientists. Together with the professor, the child will understand the intricacies of chemistry and find out why we need simple and complex reactions. To ensure that everything went without problems, the professor prepared detailed instructions for young experimenters and took care of security measures.